Elevate the sound in your home theater, listening room, or recording studio with our range of highly reviewed, world class amplifiers, streamers, and DACs.

Starting Out

Orchard Audio started in 2017 with my passion for electronics design and all things audio.

I designed an audio system for my own house. My guests and visitors loved it so much that I decided to commercialize the products.

Design Philosophy

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” -da Vinci

The focus behind all of my products is audio performance. My products use state-of-art technologies to deliver a sonically accurate and unbiased sound.


I believe that all aspects of sound quality can be measured. Hence R&D efforts are focused on getting the best possible objective measurements. This will make great subjective results.

Featured Products

  • Starkrimson Ultra Black Front Panel
    Starkrimson® Stereo Ultra
  • PecanPi Streamer Front View
    PecanPi® Streamer Rev 3.0
  • Starkrimson Monoblock Amps
    2 x Starkrimson® Monoblock Amp



PJ Evans from The MagPi, gives the PecanPi Streamer a stellar review.
“A small black box with an audio monster inside.” and “This will not be a disappointing product to those who care deeply about how their music sounds.”
Read the full review at this link.


The PecanPi Streamer Ultra just received a fantastic review from Fernando Meza at the Asociación de Audiófilos, watch the full review at this link.


The Starkrimson Stereo Ultra receives a phenomenal review from Jon Mamonski at The Wizard of Oz. Tech.
“…you get an incredible amount of detail that you’ve not heard before” and “…the decays are superb, they are long, they’re detailed and an absolute joy to listen to.”

01/29/2022 – Hi-Fi Choice Gives PecanPi Streamer 5 Stars

Hi-Fi Choice gives the PecanPi Streamer a 5-star rating in Feb 2022 issue, see this link for the article.

12/01/2021 – The Absolute Sound Budget Product of the Year

The Absolute Sound has awarded the Starkrimson Mono amps with the Budget Product of the Year award. See the full article at this link.

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