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Starkrimson® Ultra (500W) Reviews, Accolades, & Awards

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Steven Stone – Future Audiophile (coming soon)

Steve Hoffman – Stevehoffman.tv (Septermer 2023)

“I will say that as solid state amps go, I like it much better than the McIntosh 400 amp that I was using for a while. The Orchard Audio amp is much more musical with well-rounded tonality, wonderful dynamics and a pleasing overall sound. You can play this system for hours without any ear fatigue whatsoever. It’s great.”

Gene Hopstetter – Home Theater HiFi (July 2022)

Thumbs Up Award 2022

“…the most transparent amplifier I’ve ever had in my system.” and “There is a whole world of undiscovered microdetail waiting for you in your recordings.”

Stuart Yaniger – AudioXpress (May 2022)

“Both in use and on the bench, the Ultra was an exemplar of modern audio power amplifier technology, and could easily be an endgame for upgraders.”
and “Lots of superbly distortion-free power in a tiny, cool, and customizable package or prepackaged in an unobtrusive stereo amp. How can you go wrong?”

Nick Wilbur – Toids DIY Audio (March 2022)

“I was amazed, it was a complete transformation of those speakers… they sounded significantly better than they have ever sounded before” and “I was really impressed with the service I got… Leo was very responsive to any questions that I had”

Ryan Herrera – RH Audio Reviews (March 2022)

“No matter what I listened to, whether it be Jazz, Classical, Folk, Rock, R&B, and so on the amp never missed a beat. And while doing so, it ran silent, as well as cool to the touch, both of which I highly value in an amp.” and “If you are looking for a true Audiophile Powerhouse, the Starkrimson Ultra is it!”

David Snyder – Dagogo (October 2021)

“…the background does not get any blacker than this.” and “There was no hint of overload or distortion, and the echo trails and hall reverberation went on and on, extending further into the soundstage than I thought possible…” and “What amazes me is how the Starkrimson Streamer Ultra can deliver such excellent results with minimum fuss.”


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