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PecanPi/PecanPi+ DAC/Streamer FAQ

Streamer Questions:

1. Can an external DAC be used with the PecanPi Streamer?
Yes. An external DAC can be connected to any USB port on the streamer. This will disable the streamer’s internal DAC.

2. What XLR to RCA adapters or cables can I use?
The adapter must have pin 3 floating on the XLR side. This is a very good XLR to RCA cable that will work.
Please note most standard XLR to RCA adapters have pin 3 shorted to shield, using an adapter like this will damage the unit.
Rev 3.0 of the streamer also has the option to have both XLR and RCA connectors.

3. Can the streamer be left on all of the time?
Yes. This is how it is intended to be used.

4. Can the streamer be plugged directly into a power amp?
Yes. This is the recommended connection method for best performance.

5. How can a subwoofer be connected?
If your streamer has only an XLR connection, to connect a subwoofer get two XLR splitters like this one. Connect one of the split connections to your amp or pre-amp and the other to the sub. If you need an XLR to RCA adapter, see question # 2.
With Rev 3.0 of the streamer, a sub can be connected to the optional RCA outputs.

6. Can the streamer be connected to my TV, CD player, or other digital transport?
Yes, starting with Rev 3.0 of the streamer. To do this, your digital transport must have a S/PDIF output. You may also need to purchase a TOSLINK to COAX converter like this one to get this to work as the streamer only has coax input.

DAC Questions:

1. Will the DAC work with the Rpi 4?
Yes. The DAC works with the RPi 4 as well as these other models:  2B, 3B, 3B+, Zero, ZeroW

2. Does the PecanPi Steel Case support the Rpi 4?
No. The steel case supports only 2B, 3B, and 3B+ Rpi models. There is however an acrylic case available that supports the Rpi 4 at this link.

3. What pins are used on the 40-pin connector by the DAC?
Please see the picture below to see which pins are used. I2S signals are 3.3V.

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