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  • PecanPi Streamer Front View

    PecanPi® Streamer Rev 3.0

    $649.95 Select options

    Hi-Fi networked music player (streamer) with built-in DAC and headphone amplifier. Control music wirelessly using your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Sale! PecanPi Streamer Ultra Volumio Interface

    PecanPi® Streamer Ultra Rev 3.0

    $799.95 Select options

    Streamer, DAC, headphone amplifier, and touchscreen all in one unit.

  • Starkrimson Ultra Silver Front Panel

    Starkrimson® Streamer Ultra

    $3,499.95 Select options

    Just add speakers! This amplifier provides a one-box ultra-high performance solution for all of your streaming audio needs.

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