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David Blumenstein – Dagogo

“Review in the works.”

Gene Hopstetter – Secrets of Home Theater & Hi-FI (April 2023)

“I started hearing a surprising depth of inner detail and a vast soundstage from FLAC files I did not think possible with my system…” and “The sound quality of the new DAC with the AKM chips alone makes the PecanPi+ a great deal. This component does quite a few things, and it does all of them well.”

Paul Cash – Hi-Fi Trends (March 2023)

“The result is a clean, detailed, and dynamic sound that should impress even the most discerning audiophiles. I haven’t heard a streamer (or DAC) under $1000 that sounds as organic as the PecanPi+.” and “The transparency and richness of the various textures in the music I was listening to were off the charts.”


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