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Amplifier Placement

Many people talk about speaker placement, and I agree this is very important. However, amplifier placement is also important. Why? It affects the damping factor at the speaker’s terminals. Why is damping factor important? The damping factor of an amplifier tells you how well it can control the load. In this case, the load is …

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What is a DAC and why do I need/want one?

Want better sound quality from your phone/laptop/tablet/MP3 player? You need a dedicated DAC.  What is a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter)? All data/media on your phone/computer/tablet is stored in a digital format (comprised of 0s and 1s). This includes all of your audio files (FLAC, mp3, AIFF, etc), and streaming audio (TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, etc). A DAC …

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