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Stereo RCA to XLR Converter Module


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Ultra-high performance, completely transparent stereo (2 Ch.) RCA to XLR true balanced converter.

By selecting yes to this option you will receive only the bare circuit board. You must purchase all the components and do the soldering (assembly) yourself. Please see the product documents section below for the files you will need.

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Product Documents

The RCA to XLR Converter Module serves as a transformative bridge in the world of audio connectivity. Seamlessly bridging the gap between differing signal types, this module empowers audio enthusiasts and professionals to effortlessly adapt and integrate their setups. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, it guarantees optimal signal integrity, preserving the nuances of sound across different devices. Ultra-high performance, completely transparent RCA to XLR true balanced converter.

RCA to XLR Converter Module:

The RCA to XLR Converter Module is the key to bridging the gap between audio systems. Seamlessly translating RCA signals into XLR, this module opens up a realm of connectivity possibilities.

Why use an active converter?

There are three ways to get from RCA (unbalanced) to XLR (balanced)

(1) Use an RCA to XLR adapter
With an RCA to XLR adapter, you break the balanced input on your amplifier or pre-amp because 1/2 of the XLR input is shorted to the RCA’s shield. Depending on the design of the balanced input this can have multiple undesirable effects.

(2) Use a transformer-based RCA to XLR Converter
A transformer-based converter can work well as long as it is properly matched to both the RCA and XLR side impedances. However, even if it is properly matched the transformer creates AC coupling which causes bass phase shift.

(3) Use an active converter
With a DC-coupled active converter, like this one, all the issues associated with the first two approaches are eliminated.

The board incorporates ultra-high performance op-amps from Burr-Brown (Texas Instruments), including the OPA1612 and OPA1632. It also incorporates two extremely low noise linear regulators (LDOs), LT3042 and LT3090 to achieve the best possible performance.

The acrylic case may be purchased at this link.

This may be purchased as a bare board, in this case, you have to purchase all components and assemble (solder) yourself.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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