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Starkrimson® Stereo Ultra 2.0

Version 2.0 of the Starkrimson Stereo Ultra is all about power. Orchard Audio had a custom power supply developed to specifically work with our Starkrimson Ultra gallium nitride (GaN) amplifier modules. These new SMPS1K2 -SKU power supplies are developed and manufactured by Micro-Audio.


  • Universal AC input – the SMPS1K2 -SKU works with any voltage from 95 to 265VAC. This means customers no longer have to select either the 110/120V or 220/240V option at checkout. The amplifier will work anywhere in the world.
  • Less noise – The SMPS1K2 -SKU is less noisy than the previously used Hypex SMSP1200A100.
  • More capacitance – The SMPS1K2 -SKU can handle more capacitance on the output. This means customers can now order an amplifier with ~50% more capacitance than before, further improving transient response and the amplifier’s ability to drive demanding speakers.
  • Easier Wiring – For those customer that will be purchasing the do-it-yourself (DIY) kit, the wiring both to and from the power supply is simplified making assembly easier then before.
  • Very low idle power – When the amplifier is off the power consumption from the SMPS1K2-SKU is < 0.2W.

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Pictures are Worth 1000 Words…

Here is what the power supplies look like next to each other. The SMSP1200A100 is on the left and the new SMPS1K2-SKU is on the right.

Here is what the Starkrimson Stereo Ultra 2.0 looks like on the inside in dual mono configuration with 28,200uF per channel cap upgrade.

This is what the Starkrimson Stereo Ultra looked liked with the Hypex SMSP1200A100 power supplies.

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