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Orchard Audio at 2023 Florida Audio Expo

The 2023 Florida Audio Expo was my first “real” show. It was a great experience for me on multiple fronts.


The below image shows the setup of the Orchard Audio room. There were two systems:
1. PecanPi Streamer –> Starkrimson Stereo Ultra –> Soundfield Audio M1V2 Speakers (outside)
2. PecanPi Streamer –> Starkrimson Mono Amps –> Soundfield Audio Obelisk B7 Speakers (inside)
Both systems used cables from Triode Wire Labs to connect everything together.
A big thank you to both Ammar from Soundfield Audio and Pete from Triode Wire Labs for partnering with us.
Lastly a very big shout out to Joey from Joey G’s Audio Channel for helping out with the room all 3 days.


I discovered some great new music at the show, particularly these three tracks:
Kashmir by Marcin —
Kothbiro by Voena —
The Ghetto by George Benson —

Meeting Isabeau Corriveau

Isabeau is a harpist from Quebec, Canada. She is an amazing performer as well as individual. She performed in the orchard audio room multiple times during the event, and it was amazing.


I met a lot of great folks at the show and it looks like there may be some partnership opportunities to come between Orchard Audio and other companies.

Reviews have been arranged with the following, be on the lookout:

Press Coverage

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity
“An unconventional but great sounding setup with an appealingly small footprint.” — Carlo Lo Raso

Posi+ive Feedback
“This was a great sounding room, and Orchard Audio definitely seems poised to go places!” — Tom Gibbs

The Absolute Sound
“More conventional was the setup in the Orchard Audio room. With extremely affordable Orchard electronics (e.g., the $2500, 500-watt/channel Starkrimson Stereo Ultra power amp and the $550 PecanPi streamer), Soundfield Audio M1V2 speakers ($2200/pair) and Triode Labs cables, the total system came in at just over $5k—the least expensive system I heard at the show. Yet the sound was far from the bottom of the sonic pack.” — Alan Taffel

Jay’s Iyagi
“Everything was fluid liquid and overall flew really very well in this room.”

Headphone Guru
“Orchard Audio was running two spectacular low-budget systems in their room…” – Gary Alan Barker

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